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Statement :: Architecture Meets Sculpture

My father an architect, my mother a textile artist - music was their common interest that set the tempo for all of our best family memories. Chord, rhythm, tempo, and accent are still the ways that I think about things. 

Harmonic Two, 2018, 36" x 36" x 48", blue patina steel, yard wrapped wood mallets (Jacoby Arts Center photo)

Architecture, sculpture, and music are the things that I am interested in - and I am not entirely sure of what separates one from the next. I seek an interactive viewing experience that creates a fusion between.


A fusion which is coherent and whole. Invigorating and yet calming. To stand in this space is to listen to the objects in the installation talk to each other--dialoguing with each other in such a way that each of them comes alive and we in the space become more alive as we begin to vibrate along with the harmonic sculptures. The harmonic sculptures activate the energy in the space. And serve to bring us into the lived experience of the space.


So, let's unpack that and look at the elements that come into creating this cohesive whole. Architecture which defines space. Sculpture which defines form. Music which activates emotions. And then the space itself in the placement of the objects.


Excerpt: Janet Riehl, Interview with Brad Eilering, All THE ART Magazine, Spring 2019.

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